CFOA Awards

There are a number of CFOA awards that are awarded by the CFOA to recognize our members’ accomplishments.

Moe Ridgeway Award

The Moe Ridgeway award recognizes exemplary service to the CFOA over a significant period of time.  Contributions through activities such as executive participation, training and mentoring, rating, and overall leadership.  The executive looks beyond on-field service and accomplishments when choosing recipients for this award.  It is worth noting that this award is awarded when merited - not necessarily annually.
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Lorne Larson Junior Official Award

The Lorne Larson award is given annually to an official who has not achieved an on-field assignment at the CJFL or CIS level.   It is typically awarded to a junior official whom has shown significant improvement in on-field performance and has performed at a higher level than his or her peers.
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Roger Tierney Leadership Award

The Roger Tierney award is awarded to an official who has demonstrated on-field leadership, especially at the pee wee, bantam, and midget levels.  This award is voted upon and presented annually by the Calgary minor football coaches.
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Retired Jersey Numbers

When a member retires and has made extraordinary contributions to the association over many years, retirement of that official’s jersey number is considered.
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