Are you Professional?
A Football Official must act in a positive and professional manner while working in a position of authority. They are role models both on and off the field and must use the responsibility of authority wisely.

Are you Confident?
A Football Official must be confident, fair and calm. Confidence is gained by a continuous study of both the rules and the mechanics of the game. Above all, the official must be willing to accept criticism in a constructive and positive manner, regardless of the source, for the sole purpose of improving their game.

Are you Humble?
A Football Official must encourage sportsmanship, oversee the safety of a game, and make spilt-second decisions under stress. All this must be executed without occupying center stage.

Are you Fit?
A Football Official must be physically fit! Quick reaction and speed are essential, as well as, excellent eyesight. There is little chance for rest while officiating a football game and the referee must be prepared to endure hours of standing and running. The physical demands grow stronger as the age and competitiveness of the players increase.

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