The CFOA is proud of our members who have received significant game assignments in the Canadian Football League, and to amateur Football Championship games in USports and the Canadian Junior Football League. We would like to recognize the following officials for being a part of these games.


Emily Clarke

Dan Mulvihill

Blair Brown

Shawn Kerr

Cam Schwieder

Boris Velcic

John Middleton

Bruce Schwieder

Bob Reddekopp

Dave Yule

Dave Sutherland

Ian Bain

Vern Heath

Ross Hutchinson

Lorne Larsen

Garry Slobodian

Jim Koshman

Vanier Cup

2021 John Popplestone

2019 Adam Demaniuk

2012 Blair Brown

2010 Cam Dickson

2008 Al Maillot

1997 Cam Dickson

2004 Dave Ward

1989 Bruce Schwieder

Brendan Dolan

CJFL Championship

2023 Robb Sherman

2019 Hassan Cohen

2018 John Popplestone

2013 Cody Johnson

Jake Webb

Francois Courtemanche

Grant Schmick

Shawn Kerr

Cam Dickson

Bill Lorfing