Game Requests

We invite coaches and league administrators to contact us regarding officials for exhibition games.  We will make every effort to accommodate the request based on our availability.  Note that regularly scheduled league games will always be our first priority.

Please contact our game assignor to request officials:

Click Here for Contact Information on our Game Assignor 

Game Assignments

Each game is assigned a balanced crew (based on the experience of the officials), so as to provide the participants as strong a crew as possible (for the given the level of football).  In many cases, pairing experienced officials with newer ones provides an excellent training ground for our younger officials, without sacrificing the strength of the crew.

Exchanging assignments is the responsibility of each member and must be done so as not to upset the balance of the original crew.   When seeking a replacement, officials must find a replacement who is of equal or higher level certification.  Replacements must be communicated to our assignors for approval.

Note that in the case of playoff games, officials should notify the assignors and the executive if they cannot fulfill a game assignment.   Those individuals will then find an appropriate replacement.